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Infocresst provides a variety of options as part of its startup valuation services. The costbased, marketbased, incomebased, and assetbased methodologies are a few examples of financial and nonfinancial approaches to company valuation. We also guide how to maximize value and help develop value drivers.

To assist startups in determining the worth of their company, Infocresst provides a full range of financial and operational evaluation services. This entails a thorough examination of the data and financials as well as an examination of the business’s activities. We advise on capital structure, financial projections, and other issues relating to company value. We provide guidance on possible exit options for Startups, such as sales, mergers, and IPO. The terms and circumstances of the sale or merger may also be negotiated with the help of Infocresst. Infocresst provides various services for businesses in addition to valuation, including company planning, pricing strategy, competitive analysis, market study, and legal counsel. These services assist a startup in maximizing its value and creating a thorough plan for success. In general, Infocresst provides a full range of services to aid entrepreneurs in comprehending and maximizing the value of their companies. Each startup’s demands are considered when designing Infocresst’s services, and the company’s staff of professionals can provide advice at any time.


Infocresst is a top supplier of expert services for SME valuation (Small and Medium Enterprises). Our team of experts is skilled in financial analysis, transaction consulting, corporate law, accounting, and finance. To assist customers in appreciating the worth of their SMEs, we provide a range of services, including:

Business Value: To offer an appropriate valuation of an SME, we use several techniques, including discounted cash flow, assetbased valuations, and similar business research.

2. Market Analysis: Our team of specialists offers a comprehensive analysis of the competitive landscape, a complete evaluation of the company’s present and prospects, and an indepth analysis of the industry’s competitive dynamics.

3. Transaction Planning: From the beginning of talks until the completion of the transaction, we provide customers advice at every stage of the transaction process.

4. Tax Planning: We provide tax planning services to ensure customers get the most money
possible from any sale or acquisition of an SME.

5. Financial Modeling: To evaluate the future performance of an SME, our team of financial analysts works with customers to create detailed economic models.

Our team of experts offers an invaluable service to customers wishing to buy, sell, or evaluate their SMEs by drawing on our indepth knowledge of the SME industry. We are devoted to assisting customers in achieving their objectives and maximizing their organizations’ worth.

Our Features:


Every assessment we provide is reliable & follows industry best practices.


Our appraisals comply with applicable industry norms & regulations.

Why Choose Infocresst?

  1. Accurate and Objective Assessment: The process of valuation is crucial and necessitates precise attention to detail. Our valuation procedures uphold the highest standards of precision and objectivity. Our objective assessments give you a fair and reliable depiction of the true value of your assets or company, empowering you to make wise financial decisions.
  1. Comprehensive Valuation Techniques: We use a variety of valuation methods, including asset-based valuation, discounted cash flow analysis (DCF), market comparable, and more. With this thorough methodology, we can determine the findings and provide you a complete picture of the value of your assets or company.
  1. Confidentiality and Security: We treat your financial information with the utmost confidentiality and employ robust data security measures. We go above and beyond to protect your private information since we value your trust enormously.

Frequently Asked Questions:

You can simply contact us through the contact details provided in the contact us section, to get started with this service.
Our team makes use of both reputable sources and databases that are the most current and reliable, which helps us ensure that the valuation truly reflects the value of the client’s business.
We have highly qualified individuals experienced in the valuation of startups and SMEs.

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