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A pitch deck is a strategy used by Startups to persuade investors that the business is worthy of investment. To secure investors for a startup business, an effective pitch deck is required. It is important to get the necessary tools, the right presentation deck, can hold potential investors’ attention long enough to explain what a product does and why it’s a good investment. Pitch Deck should be story teller of your business.

Business model

To make the pitch deck effective a business model should be prepared. This would explain clearly and concisely  how the product will make money. Investors want to know about the viable business model in place. Whatever the model looks like, it needs to clearly show a plan toward profitability..

Set up the document

While setting up the pitch deck, two options are available in terms of aspect ratio: 4:3 or 16:9.

Most modern monitors and TVs use a 16:9 aspect ratio, otherwise known as widescreen.

Creating a pitch deck in 16:9 will mean that there arere’s no black bars on the sides or top and bottom on a modern screen.

Create a visual style

Canva is an amazing tool to create customized graphs. In Canva along the left side of the screen are pre-designed templates that you can use to easily create a professional-looking pitch deck without needing any design skills. It helps gain the investor’s deck. Some of the templates have multiple page layouts included. This allows to easily create different page types while still having a cohesive style. Clicking a template will expand to show all the page layouts in that template.The template must be professional-looking. A layout with a minimal style that doesn’t include a lot of distracting photos or text is best. 82% of investors are now factoring the strength ofr brand into their investment decisions. The goal of the presenter is to create a very high-level overview of your product or service. The slide should not contain too much text on the slide. To hook the investors right away speak about the product. The talk duration should be short of one minute. An overview slide must be an impactful statement that sums up the product.

What your product is

What problem is this solving? This is the crucial part you need to explain well so investors understand the true value of your product. The key features of an effective pitch deck are to talk about who the product is for, what problem it solves, and how it works. A better idea is to include an explainer video. Video is a powerful way to communicate how something works, especially with complex technology products. Programs like PowerPoint have features to add video directly into the slide.

 Market opportunity

It is important to assess the market opportunity. The slide should highlight what the opportunity is for the product or service. In this slide, the presenter need to break down what the opportunity is for the  product or service. Typically, this slide features industry revenue numbers and other key statistics. To know the market size and share of the market, a study of competitors is required.

Your marketing strategy

As part of the marketing strategy, the next slide will address how to get the market share, proposed in the previous slide. There are plenty of different ways to market the product.

Most of the information here should be part of your verbal pitch so you can explain it in detail. As the first slide, this one is a summary of the key points to have up on the screen behind you.

 Financial summary

This slide should summarize any funding received so far if any.

The financial summary needs to explain how much capital is needed money will be used for. The key is to focus on the potential ROI for the investors in the room. That will allow you to up-sell items to customers and display ads. The revenue will be calculated on that based on the target audience size. Explain how that money will be re-invested in the company to grow even further.


The pitch deck and pitch presentation are probably some of the first things that an investor will see to learn more about the company. And because investments rarely are made after just one meeting, the goal should be to spark interest in your company. The start-ups want investors to ask for more after they hear the pitch and not just show the door.

So, while a solid pitch deck is critical to raising money, the key goal of the deck is to get to the next step—another meeting and a request for more information. If you are looking for an investor winning pitch deck, drop us a line either on [email protected] or just say “HI” on +917471123307

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