How does your Pitch deck decide your investors’ decision?

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Whether you are a startup or looking for business expansion, you might have to knock on the investors’ doors. If you are pitching for seed funding or capital investments, raising money from the investors is a hard-won task. Further, preparing a great pitch deck for experienced business owners is also very challenging. Let us consider the following points which are few deciding factors for your investors’ decisions.

The Perfect Match

As a budding entrepreneur you are looking for investors who are right fit for your business. Whereas, the investors are looking for the right business which will be best suitable for their investment portfolio. As per the popular saying, your first impression is your last impression, prepare as well as present your pitch deck in such a manner that the investors fall in love with your idea.

Investors’ Selection

If you are planning to pitch an investor or a private equity company that invests only in technology companies, whereas your business idea is related to restaurants or anything else other than the technology then it will not be worthwhile to pitch them. Therefore, before pitching to the investors do research on the investors who have invested in your industry in the past, placed geographically, and also are ready to invest right at the time, wherever you presently stand in your business. Henceforth, selection of the right investor panel also plays a key pivotal role while pitching to the investors.

Competitive Advantages

Always keep in mind that when an investor is familiar with your industry, products or services, they are high probabilities that will know about your competitors. Your business idea should include all the winning competitive edges that help you to stay in the market and distinguishes you from your competitors. This competitiveness will encourage the investors to invest in your business idea rather than your competitors.


When it comes to investors’ decision before making an investment, there barely exist any hard and fast rules for the same. The best method is to build the credibility. They are looking for great business ideas which are not only practical and reliable, but also assure that their hard earned money will not go in vain.

We hope that the above piece of information helps you in pitching the investors and make your dream come true. We are just a call  away to create the right pitch deck for your business idea. Contact us now before someone else grabs the golden opportunity.

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