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“Good Food is like an ice-cream, which you love to eat, and keep tingling your tastebuds”

That red tangy pasta, garlic bread baked with love only for you, sumptuous cakes, never-ending Fast Food, South Indian, chaat, and the list goes on. As soon as, the weekend is around the corner, we all start exploring new restaurants, which new dish we will be trying, the new dessert which we all are tempted for. But, the corona pandemic has hit every industry badly, especially Restaurants had to bear huge losses. The restaurants miss their customers, and food lovers are craving for yummy, delicious meals for so many months. Food Cuisines changed its business dynamics and founded a way to reach out to their customers. Your eyes cannot believe what you just read. This is true, dear readers, restaurants have come up with the concept of Cloud Kitchen to serve you.

So, let us first develop a better understanding of Cloud Kitchen. What is it? What are its benefits? Is it more profitable? Is it safe during this pandemic?

What is Cloud Kitchen?

It is also known as a virtual restaurant, ghost kitchen, and satellite kitchen. In simple words, these are small centralized licensed food production places where numerous restaurants are rented to prepare optimized menu items. These restaurants have one thing in common, they only deliver and don’t provide dining facilities.

Cloud Kitchen is a win-win situation both for customers and entrepreneurs. This idea is gaining popularity like never before. Food Entrepreneurs if you are disheartened that you are unable to start your restaurant, then Cloud Kitchen is waiting to unlock your door. If you still have many unanswered questions, then know more about Cloud Kitchen right here.

How are they beneficial from Dine-in Restaurants?

Low Cost

The biggest challenge that food entrepreneurs face is labor costs and their compliance strict labor laws. Cloud Kitchen has an added advantage here as you just need to hire on-demand labor. You don’t need to lose any money for service staff as food will be delivered. Here, you just need a person to deliver your food and with applications like Zomato and Swiggy, you hardly need to bother about that as its their prime responsibility. You barely need to worry about desk operations, seating floor space, high rents for storefronts, and also good footfall. Even more, you can also save Raw Material cost with the economic concept of economies of scale. For instance, by delivering higher number of orders for the brand who are operational from the same kitchen.

High Efficiency

Optimum Utilization of Resources. When numerous brands are operational from one kitchen, you can combine the same ingredients from a different menu, and prepare it in batches. This will not only help in multiplying the speed of preparation but also gives a competitive edge over conventional restaurants. Most importantly, here there is minimal wastage of food. Further, you also save on utility bills like electricity and gas etcetera.

Quick Service

In conventional restaurants, you had to wait longer for your meals. In Cloud Kitchen, you need not wait for the meal. You can track your order in real-time. Once your order is placed, the application gives you live tracking, and hence, you can keep a track of the order in just a few clicks. They give quick service as they have a Turn-around Time within which they have to deliver the food.

Better adaptability of Customers

Virtual Restaurants gives you the option to alter the menu as per the season. For example, for summers you can introduce a healthy salad and for winters a special dessert. Customers love this kind of offers and changes in the menu. This type of menu changes increases demand.

Flexible Operational Model

For higher profitability, you can change your operational model from time-to-time as there is no boundation on the physical front. You can chalk out ways for smarter ordering, better processing, staffing, and preparation decision.

Low Marketing Budget

The delivery applications give vast exposure to virtual restaurants. Hence, virtual restaurants don’t need to market themselves. Herein, you save a lot on the marketing expenses as you just need to pay for visibility in the digital space like Social Media platforms and so on.

High Safety

Employee safety is the first and foremost priority while running food businesses. Satellite Kitchen is the best option especially during the Corona Pandemic as the number of people is less, hence one-on-one contact is minimal. Also, in these platforms, maximum people prefer paying digitally so your direct contact is ruled out to a great extent. Further, the delivery person ensures contactless delivery. So, both the employees as well as the customers are happy, healthy, and safe. 

Hey foodie entrepreneurs, now you know the multiple benefits of opening a Cloud kitchen, so why not ring the bell to start one? Are you facing challenges in business planning, Financial Modeling, and Market Research? Pull up your socks budding entrepreneurs, when Infocrest is right at your service to assist you.

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